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The Greek mathematician Archimedes (287-212 BC) had to solve the problem of King Hieron’s golden crown and when discovered a method to determine if the crown really was gold he yelled, “Eureka!”(I found it).

When I heard about how Shiner Gold Pomade was founded, the story of Archimedes came to mind because it took 3 years and 5 laboratories to produce a water based pomade that met Shiner Gold’s standard.

Opening the can you will find something that should not surprise you because it is clear gold color pomade. The scent is coconut with maybe some almond that is subtle and not too strong. The texture feels very heavy and does not have a gel-like feel, liquid and soft.According to Shiner Gold Pomade the product can be applied in dry or damp hair.

I have medium to thick hair that is about 3-4 inches long. I tested the product for one week with dry and damp hair. The pomade is easier to comb and style with damp hair. When I scooped the product out of the can I was amazed because this stuff is heavy and the scoop was clean without any dripping or sagging.

To apply the pomade I broke it down (rub in palm) and worked it through my hair. If you apply it to dry hair I highly recommend using a wider tooth comb (detangler comb) first and use a pocket or thinner tooth comb (not the fine) to style. Once I combed it through I began to style and was able to create a slick back and part for a business mans with no problem. The product does not flake and is easy to manage. The pomade dries to a matte finish and if you need to retouch simply add a little water and work it through and restyle.

The difficult part to explain is the pomades heavy hold. The product does not harden like gel so there is no helmet head. The best way to describe the hold is by saying the pomade holds your hair in place and still feels flexible and natural. Almost like your hair is bound together into the desired style and the hair feels slightly stiff. The performance is amazing and the claim of “Heavy Hold” is absolutely true. The product washes out easily with water.

After one week of testing this amazing product I am sold on it! I am impressed that it did not take half the can to get great performance and a little goes a long way. I will add Shiner Gold Pomade to my personal use because of the great performance. I think the fine folks at Shiner Gold Pomade have struck gold and Archimedes would yell, EUREKA!

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I went to a traditional barber a few years back, first time ever. They asked me "Do you want any product?" And I said sure, never had product in it before, screw it why not? Loved it. The pina-colada scent, the amazing hold even with just a little bit of the stuff, sweat, rain, wind, it has held up in every condition and lasts the entire day and then some. Love it!

Mike P.

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