Shiner Gold Pomade

Shiner Gold Black Barber Cape- Red/Blue Logo

Shiner Gold Black Barber Cape- Red/Blue Logo



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Shiner Gold Black Barber Cape- Red/Blue Logo

w/elastic neck with hook

Material: This barber cape is carefully crafted from durable Pongee Polyester fabric. It is a comfortable and smooth barber cape that will not cause any skin irritation. Barbers can really appreciate its lightweight, wrinkle-proof, static-proof and water-resistant material, which makes it very practical to manage and use. It is also easy to clean and dries quickly.

Design: Barber cape is user-friendly, with elastic neck and hooks for a better fitting neck closure. This cape can be comfortably clipped around the neck and offer complete overall protection to avoid any sudden bursts of product that could stain clothing.

Reuseable: the barber cape is reusable and can wipe clean, machine-wash warm, or dry-clean. We suggest you hang it for drying naturally.


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