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Pomade 101: Beginners’ Guide to Styling With Pomade

Pomade has reigned supreme as a must-have product for decades. It has defied fashion fads that have come and gone in the hairstyling world but to its unique ability to transform hair from ordinary to extraordinary, delivering sophisticated and polished styles. It embodies self-expression, sophistication, and individuality.

While it was once famously associated with classic hairstyles, it has adapted to modern trends. This guide will explore the basics of this hairdressing product and how it transforms hairstyles into works of art.

What Is Pomade?

Pomade is a hairstyling product that shapes, sculpts, and holds the hair in place. It can achieve various looks, from sleek and polished to textured and voluminous.

The ingredients and composition of pomades can vary depending on their brand and type. Traditionally, they were made from a combination of wax and oil. The wax provided the necessary hold and structure, while the oil added shine and moisturization. Common types of wax used include beeswax, petroleum wax, and vegetable-based waxes. Then, mineral oil, lanolin, and plant-based oils — like coconut, jojoba, or castor — are often used.

Water-Based vs. Oil-Based vs. Clay-Based Pomades

There are different pomade formulations available, each offering unique characteristics and benefits. Water-based pomades are popular for their lightweight texture and washability. They have a creamy consistency, making them easier to spread through the hair. Also, they often dry with a natural or matte finish without a greasy residue. Thanks to its lightweight consistency, water-based pomades work great for those who want great hold without weighing their hair down, especially those with fine or thin hair.

Oil-based products are the traditional formulations. They are made with wax and oil, which provides a strong hold and high shine. They also offer excellent control and can keep the hairstyle intact throughout the day. In addition, they are thicker and more suitable for creating sleek and polished looks.

Lastly, clay-based pomades contain natural clays (such as bentonite or kaolin) that add volume, texture, and a matte finish. They provide a medium to strong hold and are ideal for creating messy, textured hairstyles with a dry, natural-looking appearance. They are also generally easier to wash out.

Benefits of Using Pomades

From nourishing the hair to offering versatility, pomades provide the following benefits that make them a valuable addition to any hair care routine:

All-Day Control

Pomades have a staying power that is unlike other hair products that may lose effectiveness throughout the day. They create a strong hold that keeps the hair in place, regardless of weather conditions and other environmental factors. For example, humidity can make hair frizzy, but pomades create a barrier that locks in moisture.

Easy Application

Their smooth and creamy texture makes pomades incredibly user-friendly. It feels soft to the touch and is easy to spread evenly.

Hair Nourishment

Many formulations incorporate natural oils — such as coconut, jojoba, or argan — known for their hair-enhancing properties. They provide a range of benefits that contribute to more manageable locks and healthier scalps.

Shine and Luster

When applied to the hair, pomades create a thin layer that reflects light and enhances the hair’s natural luster. This particularly benefits individuals with coarse or textured hair that appears dull or lacks shine.

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